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Dependable and Professional Precious Metal Refiners in Perth

If you’ve been searching for a gold and silver supplier in Australia’s largest state, AussieMint is here for you. We are a Perth Gold Refinery that provides all our customers with high quality and dependable service. We know that investors need a reliable service that helps them make the most out of their purchase or sale of silver and gold.

Whether you’re looking to sell or buy gold bullion & silver, we are a reputed gold and silver refiner in Perth who can help.

Gold Refinery Perth

At AussieMint, our professional consultants keep an eye on any market conditions that would benefit our customers’ precious metal related investments.

We always keep your best interests in mind. When it comes to finding a precious metal refinery in Perth, only the best will do. For all your precious metal refining and investment enquiries, call 0488 786 680 to speak to our team of friendly consultants at AussieMint.

AussieMint Gold Bars

Quality Silver Refiners in Perth and Bullion Suppliers

We have over 15 years of experience and few silver and gold refineries in Perth can offer the support that we can. AussieMint provides a dependable gold and silver service that aims to go beyond just the simple supply of gold and precious metal assets. Services we provide include:

  • Valuation of gold bullion and silver assets
  • Market advice and consultation for precious metal investments
  • Sale of gold, silver, and other precious metals
  • Purchase of gold, silver, and other precious metals

Put your trust in over 2000 successful cases. Our team of advisors and gold refiners in Perth have helped plenty of investors. Over 130 pro consultants are ready to help you find your ideal investment decision reliably and effectively. We will be able to assist you whether your interests require an evaluation of existing assets, sale of precious metals, or if they involve identifying any new opportunities that warrant immediate investment decision making.

From the first professional consultation to sale or purchase, our consultants always keep a close understanding of your needs as an investor in gold and silver. If you’ve been looking for a Perth silver refinery investors can trust, our team provides services that rank among the best gold and silver refineries in Perth. We will certainly be able to assist no matter what your specific investment considerations are.

AussieMint’s Process of Precious Metal Refinery in Perth

When it comes to finding a gold and silver refinery Perth investors trust, we understand that you’ll want to look for a service that is trusted and competent in what it provides.

First, begin by emailing us your contact details and information about your precious metals. Once you’ve signed and returned compliance documents we can get started on evaluating your precious metals.

We first use our world class x-ray fluorescence technology to quickly process and analyse the metals.

precious metal refinery perth

This determines the composition and measures the proportion of each precious metal present in the piece. You then receive 90% of your total payment within just one hour of the results!

To finish, we move over to our lead fire assay to finish analysing the metal. The fire refining process extracts and separates the different precious metals allowing us to turn them into something new! Within 24-48 hours we get the final result and you receive your final payment.

Australia's most trusted Gold Refinery in Perth - A Perfect Refiner for You

Put your trust in AussieMint, we provide a professional and reliable service throughout your gold bullion & silver investment journey. We are so confident in being able to support your investment decisions we know you’ll be completely satisfied. When you’re considering making a substantial investment decision involving gold bullion, silver, or other precious metals or are looking for a precious metal refinery, remember to call on our team of professional consultants at AussieMint for an obligation-free consultation at 0488 786 680.